Business as usual (sort of)

Back to writing about dear old Baku from this point forward: the Nepal chapters are now sporting a few photographs and the archive is fully loaded.  Apologies to subscribers who apparently will have received an e-mail for each of the archive postings despite their being historically dated – that will have been a fair number of e-mails.

It looks like Spring might finally have arrived in Baku (and about time too).  The warmth and sunshine of the weekend has not been instantly replaced by gale-force winds and rain on Monday this week as it was the last few.  At time of writing it is a clear, still Tuesday morning with blue skies and sunshine; long may it continue.

The next “BakuUpdate” is going to be the first one to include a photograph from its moment of publication.  I would like to think that the picture will be included in the email to subscribers and would be grateful if you could drop a note back to let me know.  On with the posting…

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