Three Weddings and a Project

A new record for tardiness: I promise I will get better.  Honest.

My excuses this time; in addition to the usual work-related pleas; include arranging and participating of two wedding parties in two countries.  Organising everything was quite a challenge (I can see why most people in Britain plan a year or so in advance rather than a few months) but the results were very rewarding.

In Baku we dared to be different.  For our venue we hired a restaurant rather than a ‘wedding palace’, our meal was served in courses rather than piled on tables, there were quiet moments for conversation rather than non-stop full-volume music.  We enjoyed the result and so did our guests, some of whom are still talking about it now.

In south-east England the choice of wedding venues for a last-minute planner is far from broad.  I chose to err towards grand and struck lucky.  Hampton Court on a sunny day made a lovely backdrop to a beautiful bride (in The Perfect Dress) and its Garden Room was the right size to host a happy gathering of friends and family.  Afternoon, evening and night managed to pass in a flash; a sign of a successful event…?

A big thank you to everybody who joined our celebrations: in person, through a gift, through writing – all.  Our married life – now together in Oslo – has got off to a fine start in such good company.

A small footnote: may I ask the anonymous donors of a single malt and a crystal vase at Hampton Court to identify themselves – I wish to say thank you directly.