Ahead one quarter

It has now been three months or one quarter of a year since Medina was born and so far all continues to go generally well.  So well in fact that we were able to mark the event with a couple of neighbours visiting that evening and no major dramas unfolding.

Three months old is the time for the major inoculations to start here in Norway and Medina duly took a hypodermic in each leg to celebrate.  Not an enjoyable experience for any one concerned but Medina took it on the chin as it were and was probably the strongest of all of us.

Developmentally Medina is getting better acquainted with her hands, is becoming a lot more vocal and has started to laugh occasionally.  She is also rolling onto her side with a little assistance and complaining less when placed on her front.  Next stop crawling and before we know it she will be tearing around the place like a racing car.

Below the customary photograph

Happy after bathtime

Online at 30000 feet

A copper and ochre sky heralds a crisp Nordic autumn day as I not only write but publish this posting thirty thousand feet above sea level.  No I am not sitting in an extravagantly over-priced first class seat on a long haul BA flight, rather in a clean, new – if somewhat plastic – aeroplane owned by local ‘budget’ airline, norwegian.com and flying a brisk domestic route.

This flight though booked at short notice cost a smidge less than the SAS equivalent that was on offer and while a complementary filled roll and hot beverage is not featured, wifi access at the airport and on the ‘plane comes in useful.  It is the first time I have come across the inflight service and while I am sure other airlines have it, I wonder how long it will be until I encounter one of them.