Not quite leaping into spring

The extra day in the year flashed by just as quickly as the ones before and after it did.  It makes me twenty-four hours later than I might otherwise have been in posting a quick update on the occasion of Medina reaching seven months old.  She continues to grow, is very happy sitting up and has almost mastered getting on all fours – crawling will surely start soon.  The chirpy smile is still available in abundance as captured below.

In other news, it is getting warmer here and we are in the middle of several days’ rain but I would not go so far as to say we have reached springtime yet.  My immediate colleague has only just stopped snowboarding on the Korean slopes and has plans to catch some late snow in northern Japan quite soon: cherry blossom will be a while yet.

Last night I played my first gig with the band I have joined here.  The drummer and a couple of the singers are familiar friendly faces from Geoje days but the other guys and many of the songs were new to me.  We gave a good account of ourselves overall and the audience certainly sounded appreciative.  Let’s hope an other gig follows soon.

The neighbourhood we live in is turning out to be a pleasant spot (dubious pushchair access notwithstanding).  The number of slightly dog-eared and empty looking bars, restaurants and cafes I have seen suggest that there may have been busier times here a few years back and we have arrived in a lull but as we are supposed to be responsible parents rather than party animals this is of little consequence.  I currently find it raises more of a smile to note the names of some of the premises round here.  The hair salon down the road for example is “Barbie” and as it is apparently unisex I am rather tempted to pay a visit come shearing time just so that I can say I have done so.  As for the local butcher’s shop, who could not buy beef from “Cow Village”?  Simple things may please simple minds if we following the saying; I will stand up and be counted.