Saturday Double Bill

An other month under Medina’s belt and an other year under mine this weekend.  We had beautifully warm, sunny weather and friends to to share the occasions with: a good day all in all.

We also experienced “yellow dust” for the first time this weekend.  It apparently blows across from somewhere in China around this time of the year but while we were told about it in Geoje we never saw it there.

The first I knew of it was when I got into the car and noticed the windscreen needed cleaning.  Nothing unusual there as there have been strong winds most days leaving a fine layer of muck everywhere.  The difference was the dust suddenly turning bright, mustard powder yellow when swished to one side of the screen by wiper and washer-fluid.  My guess is we have just had a light sprinkling as I have heard stories about it being visible in the air and a breathing hazard on bad days – something I have no particular desire to experience firsthand.

Come rain, shine, wind or otherwise Medina continues to grow at a strong pace and is becoming more and more mobile.  Crawling is already so easy it is boring and most waking hours are spent pulling up using anything that will provide purchase (such as the sofa in the example below).  There have been a few falls and bumped heads but nothing is going to deter her.  Chances are I will be writing about first steps next month.

Eastern Easter

Happy Easter one and all.  It not being an event that comes with a bank holiday weekend in this country, we have not experienced the typically grey weather that often accompanies such times in England.  Rather it has been the first warm, sunny weekend of the year here and a sign of good things to come.

Coincidentally or otherwise it is election season just now.  As before in Geoje, it is the groups of people dressed in colour-coded and numbered outfits dancing to loud music on major road junctions that give the game away.  Candidates 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 have had their cheerleaders out from dawn ’til dusk for the last week, thankfully not parked just outside our apartment as happened last time.  This coming Wednesday is election day and it will be a national holiday to enable/encourage people to vote.  I wonder if giving people the day off for general elections in the U.K. would make an appreciable difference in turn-out.

Medina is now eight months old and has been coming along in leaps and bounds almost literally.  Crawling started with more reverse gears in the box than forward but she has rectified that in the last few days and is now tearing around the flat exploring everything.  When stationary she bounces up and down a lot and seems very keen to stand; probably won’t be long.

Other developments include waving hello and goodbye and kissing.  The latter started off with certain parts of a picture book (particularly a young girl on one page) and has extended to her mother’s cheek but she is not particularly keen to kiss her dad yet.

When the Novruz Bayram holiday took place in Azerbaijan in mid-March, Medina’s grandmother came over to visit for three weeks.  All went well and an other development was discovered during the trip.  As can be seen in the photograph below, Medina now poses for photographs.  She was happily looking at a book and her grandmama started snapping away with a camera ‘phone.  Within seconds Medina had worked out what was going on and started mugging to the lens.  What was that one about children growing up faster…?

Photograph courtesy of Irada Manafova