One more month to go…

A bit later than planned with this update; apologies.  Auditors at work, a baby full of energy at home and rising temperatures in high humidity throughout keep one on the toes.

Compliments of the day to readers in the United States of America.

All is well here.  Not a minute of Euro 2012 football graced our television screen which is probably just as well judging by the news reports I read of England’s performances.  Tennis is a sport more accepted by the family and Day Nine of Wimbledon is getting back under way in our living room after a brief rain shower at time of writing.

Medina continues to grow, smile, laugh and tire us out in good order.  Walking can be but moments away and she has four teeth on the go in the meantime.  The photograph below was taken on the day of her reaching eleven months old (no prizes for spotting the missing shoe).  Soon there will be a birthday party to celebrate.  Don’t children grow up fast these days…!

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  1. Hi Al

    Only a month until she is a year – time does fly! Really pleased that she is doing so well and in between sleep deprivation that you are both relishing being parents – I imagine it is a lot harder with you both being away from home without the benefits of parental support and free babysitting 😉

    Hope all is good out in Ulsan and the three of you are enjoying it! One day maybe, we will get the chance to catch up and meet your young lady (preferably before I can take her down the pub!)

    M x

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