One Is One

If you blinked you will have missed it – Leyla and I nearly did.  Young Medina is not quite so young any more having celebrated her first birthday last weekend.

When such an occasion rushes upon you in the midst of temperatures of thirty-plus and humidity of eighty-odd percent, you can find yourself wondering how best to mark the occasion.  With outdoor activities rapidly black-balled due to fears of heatstroke we chose to invite a few friends (most also with young daughters) to visit for drinks and cake in air-conditioned comfort.

The event ran smoothly, the ladies looked lovely in their party frocks (see picture below) and with seven assorted nations represented amongst our small group we managed to sing a very presentable rendition of Happy Birthday round the cake.

Medina started walking a couple of weeks ago and would happily be running if her legs could keep up with her ambitions.  Something tells me subsequent birthday parties will not be so easy to host…