The Return; Riding

Forgive me; it has been several months since my last submission.  Summer into autumn has seen a lot of travelling and many unexpected things to do arriving with little or no notice.

Things seem to be settling a little now but with the pace stepping up at work and Medina stepping out with growing vigour at home the days are far from empty.  Indeed it is the completion of some recent nocturnal activity that provides the spur to write tonight.

Back in May I wrote about my unsuccessful attempt at the Korean motorcycle test.  Yesterday the taste of defeat was washed away when I collected my updated Korean driving licence that now includes full motorcycle entitlement.

Yes I must confess that I went to one of the expensive schools with the three-hour lecture/videos and the ten hours of going round the obstacles and yes it was annoying to find I had the course beaten in five minutes but it still seemed a better bet than taking three to four hours per attempt to travel the distance to try the test ‘cold’ as I did before.

As it was I did my first two hours of circuits on a Thursday night and passed the test on the following Wednesday lunchtime having not sacrificed too much family time in between.  There was even something vaguely therapeutic about trickling round the course at tick-over in the dark; it permitted some almost meditative moments.  Imagine the photo below at night with gentle floodlighting and a curious mix of Korean radio pop music and occasional classics playing over the Tannoy.

Next I need to get riding again.  Winter is not far away but the sun still shines most days and the temperatures remain high enough to enjoy a trip into the hills.  Time to get on.