Drama in Denmark

Barely two weeks back at work and summertime in Baku already feels like a very long time ago.

Having several deadlines to meet in the project is demanding plenty of focus. On top of that we all received a surprising piece of news on Monday morning that provides further food for thought: Maersk Oil is to be bought by Total.

A “town hall” meeting was immediately convened on Monday followed by an other one on Tuesday. Yesterday was long-set in the diary as a day of activities designed to promote teamwork and togetherness and it took on an extra dimension in the light of the buy-out announcement. Suffice to say my project productivity has dipped below plan while I have remained rather busy.

Opinions and emotions on the subject of the sale understandably cover a broad spectrum. Maersk Group (from which Maersk Oil was in the process of separating already) is a long-established, family-run Danish business with a large global presence. There is some pride at stake here.

The move towards independence has already wrought a lot of change. According to “Plan A” the bulk of it was over and everyone could look forward to settling down a bit now. To a certain extent Monday’s news has thrown everything up in the air again. I will hold my counsel for now.

Meanwhile in other news, the nation is in what might best be described as a state of shock following the murder of a journalist in Copenhagen.

In brief: international journo meets rich eccentric on homemade submarine; submarine sinks; eccentric saved and later reports journo “buried at sea” after accident; journo’s head- and limbless torso washes up on shoreline a few days later.

This sort of event does not occur in Denmark very often if at all. The news coverage is extensive to say the least and the story would run with only a fraction of the intrigue that surrounds it. As things stand at present, we have the makings of a modern saga on our hands.

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