Brussels Briefly

What a mad month October has been.  Deadlines to meet, plenty of travelling and barely a moment to pause.  Thankfully the final weekend was a long one spent in the New Forest enjoying some fresh air and relative peace and quiet.

With the trip to Denmark being a Monday evening rather than a Monday morning for a change, a small variation in flight routine was required and it occasioned my first experiences of both Brussels Airlines and Brussels Airport.

The airline makes a big play on ‘sense of humour’ with a rather tongue-in-cheek safety video before take-off and various little quips in the in-flight magazine.  In a related vein, I think it is the first airline I have seen offering freshly cooked frites (fries) as a snack – served with mayonnaise of course.  Alas, the flight duration had to be two hours or longer to sample that particular pleasure so the quality of these apparently award-winning chips remains un-sampled.

My main memory of Brussels Airport was of good exercise through plenty of walking.  There were moving walkways installed aplenty but most only travelling in the one direction opposite to the one in which I was heading.

Accompanying discoveries were that Stella Artois tastes better in Belgium than it does in England (not a great surprise) and that while a draft ‘pint’ of the stuff in the airport was probably cheaper than it would be in a London pub (quite a surprise considering airport pricing), the 330ml measure cost more in the airport than in did in the ‘plane (big surprise).  Below is a photograph of the curling, swirling artefact of a bar at which this knowledge was acquired.

Would I repeat the journey?  If no direct alternative was available probably yes.