A Year To Celebrate?

The Yuletide and New Year holidays feel like a long time ago.

In the office the rate of work has intensified as site teams prepare to mobilise and new project participants bring numerous urgent questions in need of rapid answers.

In the streets of Esbjerg the Christmas trees and lights have long been packed away while the huge ice rink in the city square remains. I am told it should last until the end of the month.

Other festivities may soon become apparent in town however. According to the light show that plays across the sea-facing fa├žade of a large, older building on the ridge, the city and port of Esbjerg are one hundred and fifty years old this year.

My rather poor photograph below shows a snap of the show that lasts several minutes. Try to imagine the blades of the wind turbine rotating as they do in the real projection.

At time of writing I have yet to find out what events might be in store but I imagine some plans must be afoot. More news will follow as and when. In the meantime, Happy Anniversary Esbjerg.