Tall Ships Race Esbjerg 2018

As mentioned briefly in the previous post, the Tall Ships Race has just visited Esbjerg.

It looked like the city made a lot of preparations for the four-day event with live music stages, stalls, decorations and much more.  The weather was glorious, the visitors plentiful and the ships; as ever; impressive.  I only caught glimpses of the action during the first two days before jumping on a ‘plane.  Here are photographs from the first night to give an impression:

In Transit

Greetings from Istanbul Airport.

This year appears to be non-stop.  Since the last post, I have flown more miles than I might care to think about, slept fewer hours than one might prefer and – perhaps rather significantly – initiated the process of moving my family to Denmark.

The moving process is absorbing some time and energy but appears to be heading in the right direction.  More news should follow eventually.

In the meantime, there has been a football Word Cup (well done England), Wimbledon 2018 and the arrival of the Tall Ships Race 2018 in Esbjerg (plus no doubt a few more events I am failing to recall at time of writing).

Time to line up for the next flight!