Has anyone seen the plot…?

After all the drama surrounding those marvellous calculations last week I’m sitting here still none the wiser as to what is likely to happen and I’m trying to get on with some ‘real’ work again.  I imagine the subject will come up in conversation again before long, at which point some progress might be made; hey-ho…

In the meantime I have been looking forward to a wedding in Europe coming up soon and the last thing I needed to read last week was that England’s airports were limiting all passengers to a pair of knickers and a toothbrush per person thanks to an assumed alleged potential plot to perhaps declare Lucozade a new WMD (or similar…).  This morning the BBC website is declaring that the security alert level has been brought down a notch so there may be hope yet; going to leave it a little while longer before booking my travel to London though.

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