If the Innuit can do it with snow…?

Blustery isn’t word to describe this morning’s weather. The trouble is, I feel I have been using terms based around “gale” too frequently already. As my language lessons progress I will have to remember to ask my teacher if there are any extra words in Azerbaijani to describe differing shades of extremely strong wind.

Tomorrow is International Women’s Day. It is observed as a national holiday in Azerbaijan and we are all being sent home an hour early this afternoon just for good measure. As Saint Valentine’s Day has not attracted much attention here until very recently you can imagine some of what will be going on tomorrow. Last year I walked into the office completely unaware and had to ask a colleague why every available horizontal surface was covered in bouquets of flowers, truck-loads of chocolate and soft toys of varying size and tastelessness. In this regard the men of Azerbaijan appear little different from their counterparts in England… May I pre-emptively wish the compliments of the day to my female readers.

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  1. So you’re now online – how marvelous.
    Sorry to hear about your bad wind, if it’s any consolation it has been P**ing down here as well.

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