Now Open – it’s Official

Please find attached what should be the last scribble I transmit via e-mail. This is not because I am going to stop writing (you should be so lucky) but because after a year of trying my dear friend in Chicago has finally succeeded in nudging me a step closer to the twenty-first century and he has got me blogging. Henceforth point your web browsers at to read the news, see the odd photo (once I’ve got to grips with the photo loader) and of course post as many comments of praise/abuse/disbelief as you see fit. I will probably still send the odd note round to advise of major updates on the site and I will certainly keep responding to e-mails I receive but the era of Word and Acrobat attachments that people can not open is coming to an end.

The blog is in its infant stages at present and will get prettier (e.g. lose the advertising) as it matures. So far I have loaded all the past scribbles that I still have e-mails for and subject headers. The rest will follow after a bit of archive raiding so that the full set can be browsed.

The change coincides neatly with an episode that should provide lots of material to write about. I am flying to Nepal for two weeks on Thursday and assuming I can find enough internet connections in the Himalayas I plan to post regular updates on the blog while I’m away. Beware endless bad puns about yaks…

Better get back to work. As usual it would appear that I have forty-eight hours to save the planet before I go on leave.

3 Replies to “Now Open – it’s Official”

  1. Hurrah!!
    We can all leave you messages and annoy you constantly (insert evil laugh here)….
    Bring it on…let the games begin!
    Hugs etc. etc. as ever – Good luck in Nepal!
    Z x

  2. Oh my God Al’s gone from almost-techno-phobe to mr I.T! Al; this is fabulous and shall merrily occupy a great deal of my work-time! I love reading all your adventures and this website doesn’t upset my work computer like your big e-mail attachements used to! I can’t wait to hear about your trip to the hills; hopefully there will be pics too… You’ll be pleased to hear that London is still great; at least it is some comfort that the walk over Waterloo Bridge is at least pretty and on a beautiful sunny day it is certifiably awesome. Having fun in Covent Garden still, but kinda think it might not be a patch on the Himalayas!
    See you soon (hopefully) keep this updated because it’s good to read about a less repetitive life!
    Mwah : )

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