It’s winter Jim, but not as we know it

To my shame, the discipline that helped me sit down once a week and try to compose something readable clearly booked it, packed it and legged it some time ago.  When or if it might return I can not say but regardless, the plan for 2009 is to increase the frequency of my scribblings to something resembling regularity.  Let’s see how things go.

The missing five months in a nutshell:
– Work is keeping us both very busy indeed and the project is reported to be going well
– We are both still happily married
– Our belated honeymoon in South Africa over Christmas/New Year was brilliant
– Life in Oslo is proving to have as many idiosyncrasies as it did in Baku

At the moment it is early evening in Oslo, pitch black outside and snowing with authority – over six inches worth in fewer hours I would estimate.  I can not remember the last time I saw so much snow in a city.  It looks like the sort of scene Hollywood directors must dream of when composing the establishing shots for their Christmas holiday period releases (anybody fancy “Die Hard – Like A Viking” next season…?)

The darkness is the part that is taking more getting used to.  At the moment, sunrise is around nine and sunset near four.  This is an improvement: in late December, there were barely six hours of daylight on a good day.  I have always considered myself more of a night person than a day person but clearly one can get too much of a good thing.

During summer it was of course the complete opposite.  Oslo saw a bare handful of dark hours at night and a few hundred miles north we have the land of the midnight sun at that time of year (also that of perpetual dark around now though – what a way to live).  Helped by the recent application of some southern hemisphere sun, we are both being philosophical about it.  Indeed, we aim to head up country in a few weeks’ time to seek out the northern lights.  If I can get a half-decent photograph to share, I will.

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