Time to get away

What a mixed summer it has been so far.  I was hoping to have some good football results to write about but South Korea went down fighting in the last sixteen and the less said about England the better.  Thankfully Wimbledon has been providing some sporting respite, albeit just the first couple of hours each day because it’s bedtime over here soon after play begins on Centre Court.

The sun appears to have been shining consistently in SW19 this year: to be expected after the venue has fitted an expensive new roof.  More typical English tennis weather can be found here instead where the last week or so has been warm but very humid, misty and frequently rain-soaked.

At time of writing I am sitting in Busan airport waiting for a flight to Beijing.  We are taking a week away and neither of us has visited China yet.  We are looking forward to exploring a new city in a new country in what is forecast to be good weather.  Escaping the numerous England Team jokes offered by my Scots colleagues will be an added pleasure.  Next stop Beijing.

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