Trees, Smells and Sea Shells on the Sea Shore

Back in the mists of time when this blog was last updated, I mentioned how future plans for travelling with a jet lag-prone toddler would be made with care.  The two months-plus since then have been put to good use getting us to where are just now: in the middle of a holiday in Malaysia.

Why Malaysia?  Aside from its being a fascinating place, advantages include: no need for a visa in advance, only one time zone different from Korea and a broad range of cuisine to cover all family requirements.  Flying through Kuala Lumpur International Airport as a large local hub also helped when aligning our flights with those of my mother-in-law who has joined us.

We chose to break the trip into two parts: a bit of beach and a bit of city.  After a nighttime landing at KLIA and a stay at the nearby Sama Sama Hotel (a very pleasant hotel for such a stop I might add), we met Mama off her flight in the morning and headed for domestic departures.  Next stop: Langkawi.

According to what I have read and heard there is quite a lot to do on Langkawi both in terms of daytime activities and nightlife.  None of it will be described here as we chose a remote corner of the island to ‘get away from it all’ at a resort that would look after us a bit.

The resort staff certainly did the necessary.  Medina felt at home from the moment she got in the car at the airport (see below) and was treated very well throughout our stay: the child-friendly status advertised by the resort was thoroughly proven.  We three adults were thus afforded some opportunity to enjoy our island get-away.

With low-rise accommodation carefully set into a forested hillside leading down to a white-sanded bay of turquoise sea, the box for stereotype idyllic setting was certainly ticked (see below).  Walking between our rooms and the communal areas we played hide-and-seek with squirrels and lemurs in the mornings and were escorted to bed by geckos in the evenings.

Sitting under the trees at the edge of the forest/beach divide provided a shady spot for watching the world go by during daylight hours and a place to watch the moon shine on the sea at night, all the while accompanied by the sounds of the forest, the lapping of the waves and little else.

The resort appeared to be fairly busy but never felt crowded which was a rare achievement.  If you are looking for a beach in the tropics to escape to for some peace and quiet I would recommend the quiet parts of Langkawi.

Taking the flight back to KLIA and the express train into central Kuala Lumpur was almost a shock to the system after all the tranquility and nature.  Farewell rainforest, hello urban jungle.  The city is proving to be a lot of fun though.  Details will follow.