Happy Holidays

Season’s Greetings.

We have been keeping things relatively quiet for Christmas this year. Medina is now old enough to appreciate more of the occasion so we bought a ‘tree’ that would be suitably tough to withstand the attentions of a two year-old (see photographic evidence below) and she has happily put it up and torn it down several times in the last few days.

Photograph courtesy of Leyla Robson

Peace and goodwill to all.

’tis almost the season

This blog has not quite stagnated.  I will bring it back to life somehow.

Hard to believe it is December already.  Perhaps the combination of having a European soap opera to feature in at work and a nearly hyperactive two year-old to get along with at home warps time.

Medina is a very bouncy wee lass and has energy in abundance.  Below is a recent photo of her ready to stride out for a lengthy walk through our local park.  She has started nursery this week.  So far it is only an hour and a half a day for acclimatisation but after the few minutes of tears on the first day or two she appears to be taking to the new surroundings like a duck to water.

Photograph courtesy of Leyla Robson

In recent times I have started a new band.  If a presentable photograph and/or video clip can be obtained from either of the two gigs we have played so far it/they might appear here.

Ulsan felt its first snowflakes of the season yesterday.  I would not bet on a white Christmas here but one never knows.