Brief breath

How’s things?  It’s still definitely Winter here but most days while still cold are now dry and sunny rather than wet and grey so spirits are definitely lifting.  The lengthening days now mean I leave for work after dawn rather than before which also helps.

It’s a crisp, bright morning outside with barely a breath of wind and the Caspian is as calm as a mill pond – a rare occurence.  The timing is fortuitous as we’re planning to lift one of the ‘spud cans’ into the water today: a 1500 tonne pastry cutter the size of a country house which the rig will wear like a shoe to gain secure purchase on the seabed.  The operation is delicate to say the least and I’d imagine our project weather forecasters are praying for the wind to stay away.

In other news: there’s a wedding fast approaching in Indiana, a baby overdue in London and not a lot happening in UAE if the local newspapers are anything to go by.  What’s happening where you are?  Keep the updates coming – they are always much appreciated.

Somebody out there is…

Life in these parts must be starting to get internationally interesting as I’ve just received an e-mail from the Foreign and Commonwealth Office concerning avian ‘flu, a couple of recent muggings of expats in the town and the situation regarding protests against the cartoons depicting The Prophet.  Cheerfully, the FCO are making no claims to be able to save me if I contract a nasty dose avian ‘flu:  it’s just as well I don’t live or work near any poultry so shouldn’t have to trouble them.